The origins of pip

pip's story

My name is Hannah and I've created pip to support women with better education about their hormones and develop digital solutions and physical products, which are free of hormone disruptors, to help with common hormone symptoms such as post-partum hair loss and hormonal acne. 


A bit about me: 

I was born in England, and studied Geography at University College London and lived in London until moving to Brooklyn in the summer of 2017. I’ve been in marketing since I started my career, working in a mix of categories including alcohol and pet food before specialising over the past 7 years in professional hair and skin care. 

I love travelling and spent months at a time exploring Africa, Asia, Central and South America and the Arctic. My love for travel is founded in a love for observation, taking in new cultures and places - be that in a coffee shop in Williamsburg, or a supermarket in Peru. My partner and I felt a pull to live abroad and experience a deeper and lasting connection with a place we could call home and the bright lights of New York spoke to us. 


Story of pip’s founding

I struggled with the contraceptive pill for many years, and ended up stopping taking it completely in my mid-20s. I was then diagnosed with PCOS and it was a big shadow over my life for a few years. Just after that I spent a year or so suffering from hair loss. And throughout this hormonal health and hair roller-coaster, I couldn’t find information I trusted or understood and I wasn’t taken seriously by doctors. 

Once my hair was healthier and I felt happier, I finally opened up to my friends, and I was amazed to hear similar stories connected to hormones which we’d all been silently struggling through. I don’t think many brands support women with the psychological impact of the daily and lifestage hormonal changes we go through and I hope pip can be part of the solution by providing women with knowledge and support.  


How did the idea develop?

The idea was born at New York’s Botanical Gardens and several months later, the name came to me while I was on a flight back to New York from vacation in New Orleans. Through conversations with friends and strangers, pip has continued to evolve and adapt to provide digital and physical solutions for women to help them on their hormonal happiness journey, be it connected to their menstrual cycle, pregnancy or the menopause. 


Why are you focused on education?

As wonderful as it is to have the internet to turn to for all our questions, the quality of the content and the sheer scale of it can be overwhelming to sift through. Googling your symptoms to try to understand what is going on, especially with something as complex as hormones, can lead to more anxiety. The many myths and misinformation on the web can cause more harm than good and I want to help women understand themselves better with accurate information. I’ve built an advisory board which includes OB-GYNs, Nutritionists and Doulas to ensure the content we share is verified. 


What I’ve learnt about hormones and hair loss

Our bodies are in a constant state of flux or homeostasis. Our lives as women can be thought of in cycles, transitions and life stages. Yet most women don’t understand their cycle fully, many women don’t know much about what to expect with the menopause and we shy away from talking about miscarriages, periods and hair thinning. I’m learning to be more open with my emotions and share my journey publically and I hope this will help give more women the strength to do the same. Breaking taboos and sharing knowledge with our peers will go a long way to helping us understand our cycles and life events much better. One final thought is to remember to be patient with your body and stick to a routine if you’re looking for change. For example, for hormonal hair loss or acne, it is vital, and many of us give up or switch regimens before we’ve had a chance to see the fruits of our labor. 

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