5 quick tips for healthier hair

The top tips we live by for healthier hair:


  1. Air dry - If you need to dry, use a diffuser on low heat or try an Acquis towel. Try to use heat tools less frequently. 

  2. Heat protection - Styling products which provide heat protection, help de-frizz and de-tangle, nourish, hydrate.

  3. Be gentle - Brush and detangle hair when its dry, start from the bottom and work up, wide tooth comb gently through damp hair if needed.

  4. Keep it loose overnight - Sleep with your hair in a loose style, such as a low and loose plait. A silk pillow or one which won’t cause friction if you move in the night is also a good idea.

  5. Mix it up - Don’t wear your hair in the same way every day and avoid styles which pull at the root / hair line. E.g. a loose bun or top knot rather than a scraped back ballerina style bun.

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